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Explore all Carissimi mixes, each of which has its own color. Soft and characteristic aroma, which satisfies each taste, without sacrificing unique 'Carissimi taste".


Аrabica 60% / Robusta 40%

The balanced mixture of high-quality Arabica coffee beans with an addition of Robusta. This is ideal for your morning espresso which has a strong, spicy taste and rich aroma of dark chocolate.


Аrabica 70% / Robusta 30%

A special feature of this balanced mixture is a classic espresso and simplicity in taste. A strong and unique aroma. A mixture of the best Arabica and Robusta varieties. An excellent choice for those who wish a deep and rich taste, balanced aroma, the optimal texture. Is suitable for making an espresso with thick and creamy foam and colour of chocolate.


Аrabica 80% / Robusta 20%

The velvety coffee with chocolate-note and delicious aroma. This is ideal for making perfect espresso with a thick foam of coffee.


Аrabica 90% / Robusta 10%

Exclusive mixture of high quality Arabica and Robusta varieties, which have been selected for the most demanding taste. This coffee mix has rich aroma and bitter-spicy taste first and then, which is characteristic of Arabica coffee, pleasant sour aftertaste. It is ideal way to start your day, making awakening an easy and enjoyable experience.


Caffeine- free Caffe Carissimi coffee beans.


Caffe Carissimi ground coffee 250gr

Caffe Carissimi coffee beans 250gr

Caffeine-free Caffe Carissimi ground coffee 250gr

Caffe Carissimi ground coffee 125gr

Caffe Decaffeinato Espresso

Caffeine-free coffee capsules 6.25 gr for cafes, restaurants and bars.

Capsula Cosmo and DEC

Caffe Carissimi coffee capsules 7gr, incl. caffeine-free capsules


Barley coffee Caffe Carissimi ORZO 300gr


Ginseng coffee Caffe Carissimi GINSENG 500gr

ORZO capsule coffee

Barley capsule coffee

GINSENG capsule coffee

Ginseng capsule coffee

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