As a result of skilful mixing of Arabika and Robusta and slow roasting method, great Italian espresso is obtained.


Our company is particularly proud of the fact that the coffee is coming directly from countries of its origin and, if possible, always from same farmers with certified reliability, with whom we have established the traditional and strong bond of trust over the years. All of this benefits high-quality production, which is guaranteed throughout the careful control of all supply chain – from producer to the consumer.


We import coffee from Brazil, regions of Cerrado Miniero, Minas Gerais and Alta-Mogiana, from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and India.

Coffee selection

Carissimi Coffee mixes vary depending on the region of origin and type of the coffee, which ensures the taste bud satisfaction of all customers.

In addition to the fact that Coffee Caffè Carissimi is enjoyed in elite catering establishments in Italy, it is also exported to Asia and the United States of America.