Coffee for your office

Order the coffee to your office - this is a great opportunity to improve the atmosphere at work - raising creativity, working ability to encourage employees to new achievements, increasing number of successful meetings.

This magical drink – coffee, which is the source of anti-oxidants, good mood and inspiration has a pleasant sour taste and delicious aroma. Prepared in time, it will have stimulating, invigorating effect, which replenishes your inner resources, alleviates symptoms of fatigue, improves the performance of mental activities. Regular coffee breaks allow breath of fresh air, a little relaxation and escape from everyday routine.

Our company offers a selection of ground elite coffees which are made of high-quality coffee beans grown under special natural conditions.

If you cooperate with Caffé Carissimi, we guarantee you:

  • Free coffee degustation in your office;
  • A complete solution for your company, including selection of the best Caffé Carissimi coffee beans, professional coffeemakers, which are suitable for using in various establishments;
  • Unique conditions for financial cooperation;
  • Prompt qualified maintenance service;
  • Training on the installation of equipment intended for the customer’s employees and the related training;
  • Support of professional interactive team;
  • Promotional support: packaged sugar, brand dishes, etc.;

Caffé Carissimi is a professional coffee brand – symbol of a fine taste and genuine quality.

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